Commercial Roofing Contractors Louisville Ky

Article provided by: All Seasons Roofing, Inc

Commercial Roofing Contractors Louisville Ky

We are among the leading commercial roofing contractors in Louisville, KY, to offer the highest quality roofing service. At All Seasons Roofing, We focus on providing the highest quality roofing systems that stand the test of time.

Why is my roof still leaking?

Roof leaks are one of the major expenditures that property owners face during the lifespan of their property. Roof leaks can compromise the structural integrity by causing irreversible damage to your attic, walls, ceiling, etc. Some of the common reasons for a leaking roof are: 

  • Broken/missing shingles - Broken or damaged shingles are often the most cause for leaks. Heavy winds and rain can cause the break or damage the shingles.
  • Flashing damage - Flashings are thin strips of metal placed below the shingles to act as a water-resistant barrier. These could slip out of place or get cracked over time and cause a leak.
  • Age of the roof - Average lifetime of a roof ranges from 20 - 25 years after which the roofing material is susceptible to damages. An older roof may not withstand harsh climatic conditions resulting in leakage.¬†

Besides the above-listed causes, your roof leak can also be due to a clogged gutter, cracked chimney or improper installation of the skylight. Schedule a roof inspection with the best commercial roofing contractors in Louisville, KY, to track the cause of your roof leaks.

Can you claim a roof leak on insurance?

It is expensive to pay for water damage regardless of the size of your commercial building. If you have commercial property insurance with roof coverage, you may be able to claim for damages for a roof leak. Such a policy offers coverage for roof damages and leaks except in the following cases:

  • Roof damage as a result of HVAC, installation of new signage or satellite dishes
  • Damages to the roof as a result of poor maintenance
  • Damages to the roof due to wear and tear

Choose a comprehensive commercial property policy that offers coverage for leaky roofs. Furthermore, make sure to take care of your roof with regular maintenance.

Signs of a leaking roof

A leak can wreak havoc and compromise the integrity of your walls, ceiling, and the exterior of your building. If you spot a large puddle of water stain on your ceiling with brown or black color rings, it may be due to leak. Also if you spot drips, moisture stains on the wall or ceiling, it implies the presence of a leak.

Look out for water spots under the roofline, as it could mean there is a leak where the walls meet the roof. Such leaks usually occur as a result of issues with the flashing. Nevertheless, if you see moisture have it examined immediately by an expert to avoid severe roof damages.

We are one of the very few commercial roofing contractors in Louisville, KY to offer Infrared/thermal imaging for leak detection. We offer free thermal leak detection for commercial and industrial building structures. Call All Seasons Roofing today to schedule an inspection.

Commercial Roofing Contractors Louisville Ky
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Commercial Roofing Contractors Louisville Ky
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