flat roof repair Tampa Bay

flat roof repair Tampa Bay

If you are looking for flat roof repair in Tampa Bay, contact Excel Exteriors, Inc. We have been providing quality roof repairs in the area for over ten years.

What Are Common Flat Roof Problems?

Leaks are common with flat roofs, even with regular maintenance. If you need flat roof repair in Tampa Bay and you are unsure about the scope of your problem, call and have your roof inspected. A professional contractor can perform a thorough inspection and determine precisely what problems your roof has and how best to address them.

What Does A Roof Inspection Cover?

A professional inspector will check for any cracks at the corners and joints, chimneys, and around HVAC units and your ventilation points. They will look carefully for any damage or any potential problems: deterioration, leaks, pooling of water, and punctures. A good inspector will perform a roof cut and see if your roof has damage underneath the membrane. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) rubber membranes are known for their tendency to shrink and pull off the low protective wall along your roof.

If you have water that "ponds" in areas on your roof, especially around seams, flashings, skylights, drains, or chimneys, you might have leaks you don't realize. If the insulation gets wet, it can decay the underlying structure and cause a mold hazard. If you don't address your roof's problems, you might end up paying for much more than a roof.

Do I Repair or Replace?

Because you have a leak in your roof, it doesn't mean you need a whole new roof. Replacing a roof is an expensive and costly venture and the last resort.

If your roof has been maintained and was installed correctly in the first place and it is well within its anticipated lifespan, you should consider having it repaired. Flat roof repair in Tampa Bay can be handled by a contractor that has experience and knowledge working with flat roofs. Flat roofs can present a challenge to someone that has not had any experience maintaining and repairs them.

You might need to have your roof replaced if the original material installed is at the end of its lifespan. There are different types of flat roofs and different materials. You will have to discuss your options with a qualified contractor and see what he/she advises.

The most important thing to remember is the regular maintenance of your roof is essential. Always have your roof inspected once a year and after major storms or inclement weather. Even freeze and thaw cycles can damage your roof. Always make sure the inspection includes all seams, attachment points, and check for wear and tear. Remove all debris and make sure all drains are clear and free of obstruction. If you identify any areas that need to be repaired, do so immediately. This will help keep your flat roof lasting longer.

If you need professional roofing repair, contact Excel Exteriors Inc. in Clearwater, FL. We have been providing homeowners in Florida with quality roof repairs for over ten years. If you need help with storm damage, we are the company to call.

flat roof repair Tampa Bay
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flat roof repair Tampa Bay
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