Misting Systems

Misting systems can be a lifesaver to most. This comes as a result of their proper application resulting in transforming drought or heated atmospheres into more conducive and relative temperate ones.

In changing the atmospheric condition of a place, a number of equipment can be made useful, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are misting systems.

But what really is a misting system?

To put it simply, a misting system are series of misting nozzles all placed in a tube and pressurized to provide a spray of water droplets unto the surrounding region. These droplets often fall between 50 to 500 microns in size. Achieving these results require pressures as high as 1000 PSI which is provided by the pressure pumps of the misting systems.

Where are misting systems best applied?

Industrial purposes.

Misting systems can be applied for industrial purposes in the sense that they can be applied to cool exteriors of commercial buildings like restaurants or tennis courts among a variety of other places. Industrial misting systems majorly consist of a pump, and nozzles with the most common primary agent being water.

Industrial misting systems are a great way to regulate exterior temperature for customers which is very much appreciated during summer conditions.

Personal use.

Misting systems are also great to apply for personal purposes. They can be easily used on patios or outdoor pools to help keep the temperature cool, even in hot temperatures. Misting systems are great in that they pump droplets of water to the air with the droplets being so little that they don't wet the surrounding or you in the process.

Odor control.

Misting systems can also serve as a way of purifying the air within where they are located. This is especially helpful in factors where they are large deposits of dust in the atmosphere due to operations. This dust when in large quantity can be harmful to workers leaving misting systems as a great way to tackle the issue.

Heath compliance is always a very important factor to consider when considering business operations and misting systems can serve you a long way in the process.

Decoration and beautification.

Misting systems can also serve as a means of beautifying or improving the aesthetics of your business in general. Misting systems that make use of fog to cool the environment are some of the best options to consider for beautification purposes as they give visitors that sense of class and sophistication with the views that come with their usage.

Misting systems are a great tool that can be very helpful to you for a variety of reasons. If you are in need of one then Cool-off is your plug, with a variety of systems and equipment to choose from be it for industrial or personal use.

Cool-off doesn't just offer multifunctional products that would suit your needs, but all products are also of high quality and guaranteed to serve you for long periods without any issues.

Misting Systems