Mosquito Control Solutions Forney

Mosquito Control Solutions Forney

Are you looking for inexpensive mosquito control solutions in Forney? Safe Earth Pest Control specializes in pest and mosquito control for residential and commercial spaces. We also offer lawn care services for your gardens and yards.

Ways to keep mosquitos away

Mosquitos are common house insects in most of the country and can cause serious illnesses like Zika virus, Malaria, yellow fever, and dengue. However, you do have a few strategies to follow to keep them away.

  • Get rid of stagnant water - Stagnant water in your yard, clogged gutters, birdbaths are all breeding areas for mosquitoes and its larvae. If you have ponds in your yard, add fishes like guppies, mosquito fish or minnows that eat mosquito eggs and larvae. Using Bacillus thuringiensis in pools and ponds can avoid mosquito from breeding, and it is safe for plants, pets, and humans.
  • Keep mosquitoes at bay - Use netted screens on windows to keep mosquitos from entering your home. You should also use a mosquito net over your bed to stay safe from mosquito bites. Be extra cautious in camping trips by carrying a netted screen that is insect-proof to shield your tent from mosquitos.
  • Use mosquito repellent - Chemical repellents with ingredients like DEET, PMD, IR3535, and picaridin are safe for your skin and can protect you from mosquito bites. Apply the mosquito-repellent particularly in thinly skinned areas such as the ankles, lower legs, wrists and feet as these are the places that mosquitos feed on in general.

What is the best insecticide for mosquito control?

Insecticides are great for eliminating mosquitos in your home and yard; however, once the effect of the chemical wears off the mosquitos will most likely return and restart breeding. For permanent and quick mosquito control solutions in Forney, contact us today to schedule a property assessment.

Insecticides come in spray forms, and they are generally available at almost all convenience stores. Most insecticides can cause harm to your plants and pets, hence make sure to read the labels before you buy a mosquito killer. Malathion and Permethrin are the two typical insecticides. Both of them are ideal for protecting your yard and home from mosquitos and other insects, and both are poisonous to fish and bees.

Is there any pest control for mosquitoes?

You can control mosquitos by using off-the-shelf residual insecticides, but these can often cause allergies and skin irritation to humans and pets alike. Some of these substances can also cause irreversible damage to your garden plants.

Getting rid of stagnant waters in your yard can keep insects away but for severe mosquito infestations, call for professional help. At Safe Earth Pest Control, we offer the best mosquito control solutions in Forney at an unbelievably low price. We take advanced precautions to make sure that our insecticide does not cause any harm to you, your plants, or your pets. Call us today, and we'll deal with your mosquito problem safely and effectively!

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Mosquito Control Solutions Forney