patch roof Palm Harbor

patch roof Palm Harbor

A roof repair or replacement is an expansive and potentially invasive procedure. They require extra funding and prompt many homeowners to consider a patch. The majority of people will buy a tar and proceed to do the patching work without intervention.

Signs that prompt a roof patch

  • A missing, broken or cracked shingle
  • Missing caulk
  • Rusted or missing chimney leads

Risks of patching your roof

  • This option is risky because the homeowner does not have experience in working with particular materials. The result will be more tumultuous than the original issues.
  • The tar will dry and crack over time and prove to be a temporary band-aid solution.
  • You could incur physical injuries or worse conditions by falling off the roof.

What is roof patching?

A patch roof in Palm Harbor is a fix that places a bandage on a small problem, such as a leak, puncture, or tear. A patchwork mends problems on homes and businesses. Common patching materials are cement, tar, and unique rubber-like material.

Process of patching a roof


It is essential to examine all underlying factors of a roof patch. This precaution protects you from damage that will arise from the small damage of a leaking hole or a crack. A roofing professional from I Need Roof will analyze the external of the roof and the connective structure on the inside, before laying the ground of what is suitable.


Patching material should match the surrounding content of the roof. The color should be in alignment with the shingles and existing roofing material. It is not always possible to match the patching material with the existing features when the latter has a considerable age factor. A professional roofing company is aware of all the materials and mixing formulas that give the best effect.

Replacement of shingles

Some patching work may involve replacing on or two shingles. This extension of patching safeguards the roof from the deformation that will begin from the existing problematic shingles.  

Some professionals will consider replacing a shingle due to their increased age. Shingles with less than five years left in their life are viable for replacement. It will cost less to replace a few shingles than bear the price of replacing the entire roof in a couple of years. Excel Exterior has considerate agreements for all patching work. 

What you should know before starting the patchwork

The decision to get a patch done will depend on the extent of the damage. The roofer will decide whether the work will suffice for good long-term results. Other factors that dictate the project are the aesthetics of the roof and the funds available for the job – It is better to have a complete roof repair when you have the funds to cover the costs. 

Our team has a strong adherence to providing quality services. Thorough repair saves time and money. Do not hesitate to talk to our team for an analysis of your particular situation. A patch roof in Palm Harbor will protect you against the downsides of braving through the process by yourself.




patch roof Palm Harbor
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patch roof Palm Harbor
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