Public Adjuster Naperville

Public Adjuster Naperville


When you suffer a loss due to damage or theft of your insured property, you are required to make a claim immediately. After contacting your insurance, an adjuster will be sent over. Their job is to evaluate the damage or loss suffered, determine whether repair or replacement is required and the sum needed for the same. 

Types of Claims Adjusters

Three types of insurance claim adjusters handle the claim process.

Company adjuster- Also called the staff adjuster, this is an employee of your insurance company. They are the person most likely to come to you after filing a claim.

Independent contractor- When insurance companies are overwhelmed by the number of claims submitted, they hire independent contractors. These licensed professionals work for the insurance provider, helping them offset the burden of claims until their in-house team is less committed.

Public Insurance Adjuster- Unlike the other two, this is the adjuster that works for you. They are an independent, licensed adjuster you can hire to file and follow up your claim on your behalf.

We encourage you to hire a Naperville public adjuster even if you know the dollar worth of your claim. Involving them from the first step will expedite the claim for you and ensure you get the maximum payout.

What Illinois public adjusters do for you

Most public adjusters offer free inspection services, so you need not worry about paying a consultation fee. They will schedule a damage assessment by the next day. Upon arriving at your property, they will conduct a detailed evaluation of your property, noting down all the findings. As they are experts in their field (construction, automotive, etc.), they can identify hidden damage. Afterward, they will provide a report recommending either repair or replacement. 

If you hire them as your adjuster, they will take over the claim process for you. The work involves filing the claim, meeting with the insurance adjuster and pointing out all the damage, getting contractors after the claim is approved, and overseeing the repairs or replacement to completion. 

Benefits of Having a Public Adjuster

A cursory look at public adjuster reviews in Naperville, Illinois, will reveal how valuable their services are. 

Filing and following up on a claim can be exhausting. A public adjuster will spare you the headache by interpreting the fine print in your policy and getting you the highest payout possible. Other benefits include:

Saving you time- You need not think about the paperwork and focus on making adjustments to resume your personal or professional routines. 

Protecting your Rights- Because they work for you, public adjusters will ensure you receive a fair settlement, saving you from backhanded practices insurers are known for. 

Their payment comes from the claim itself and is given after the claim is settled. Coupled with no upfront costs, you can safely and confidently engage their services, knowing your expenditure is zero.

If you need to be paid for damage to your home, car, or commercial property, contact a public adjuster near Naperville for the best outcome. 

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