Roofers Oak Forest Il

Roofers Oak Forest Il

By replacing your worn-out roof, you will be improving your home's aesthetic looks and protect your home from the elements. If your roof is showing signs of wear, there is more than one way you can revive your roof. Overlay and tear-off are two of the most common options when installing a new roof. Tear-off gives you the advantage of a brand-new roof while an overlay might be more suitable for you if your old roof is still in good shape or you are on a budget. 

How old are your shingles?

Generally, the life expectancy of a shingled roof is between 17 to 27 years, depending on the area you reside in and the type of shingle. As the roof of your house ages, some of the common signs you will notice will be the corners of the shingles curling and granule loss. 

It is essential to know that the smoother the surface of the current roof, the smoother the shingles will lay over the top as you install, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing re-roof. Tear-off might be the better option if your shingles are already curling.

What type of shingles is on your home currently?

The traditional 3-tab shingles lay flatter and are only 1-ply by design than the 2-ply dimensional/architectural shingle. While you can re-roof over a dimensional/architectural shingle, overlaying over this type of roof may not be aesthetically pleasing over a traditional 3-tab shingle. 

Is your roof showing any signs of leaking? 

This is very important when considering whether to tear-off or overlay. Most reputable roofers Oak Forest IL will not consider installing a second layer over your existing roof if it shows signs of leaking. Most of the leaks are due to some areas of the roof system rather than only the shingles, slates, or other roofing material. 

Since overlay involves installing shingles over shingles, it is not recommended if your roof shows any signs of leaking. In this case, tearing off the entire roof and installing new ones is the better option.


Because installing new shingles over old ones required less labor, an overlay typically cost less than tear-off. Tear-off roofing job cost about 25% more than an overlay. Your roofing contractor won’t need to deal with regulations involving debris disposal and rent a dumpster, so you will also save on costs there. 

Moreover, if you are planning on replacing your roof completed within the next five to ten years, an overlay is a good option to enjoy the look of your roof. However, you should keep in mind that the additional layer of shingles will add additional cost to your next roof installation. 

The bottom line

Before you can decide whether a tear-off or an overlay is the right choice, you will need to have an experienced roofing contractor like Dream Home Exteriors assess your roof. In most cases, a tear-off is the better option unless you are sure your existing home roof is in good condition.

To determine the right option for addressing this issue or if you are looking for a reliable roofer Oak Forest IL, call us today or contact us to book a roof consultation.


Roofers Oak Forest Il
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