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How many times have you had to investigate various roofing services just to select a good one? Moreover, there are many factors to consider when choosing a roofing service. Express Solar & Roofing offers superlative roofing in Charlottesville, VA, anyone in need of a roof replacement or repair. To help you come to an informed decision, we’ll talk about our top 5 roofing services and explain each one:

  1. Roof installation – every house requires a specific roof to increase the comfort, security, and life expectancy of the house as a whole. Before installing your roof, we will conduct an estimate/analysis where we deduce what kind of roof your house needs. We can install classic roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs, and various types of shingles (asphalt, wood, etc.).
  2. Roof repair – whenever your roof starts degrading, or an accident occurs, and you have to repair a part of the entire roof, we’re here to help. Again, we will perform an estimate first, calculate the amount of damage incurred, and see what we can do to repair it fully. As the best roofers in Charlottesville, Virginia, we’ll bring your roof’s lifespan to its absolute after we’re done with it. The finest materials of the highest quality go into your roof, after all.
  3. Roof replacement – your roof might suffer extensive damage that is vast enough, so we can’t repair it. In this case, you will need our roof replacement services. We’ll take care of everything, including shingles, tiles, and the roofing itself. Our Charlottesville VA roofing company is the best at what it does, which includes installing, repairing, and replacing roofs. Your best interests are our main goal in this, and naturally, we’d like to offer premium quality that won’t require too much maintenance in time.
  4. Reroofing – the difference between re-roofing and roof replacement is that, with re-roofing, we’re adding new shingles on top of the old ones on your roof. We can only do this if your roof is in a generally good condition with no severe water damage or missing shingles. We do this to increase the resilience and life expectancy of a roof while also keeping the price tag to a minimum. We think of everything, and that’s why our Charlottesville VA roofing services are comprehensive and extensive.
  5. Residential and commercial roofing – we are among the best roofing companies in Virginia simply because we provide both residential and commercial roofing services. Generally, commercial roofing is more difficult to pull off because we have to consider more aspects when building this roof, like airflow systems, smokestacks, external piping, and more.

Among the many roofing companies in Charlottesville, VA, Express Solar & Roofing is second to none. This is simply because our services are extremely high-quality, extensive, and the materials we work with are of premium quality. However, the breadth of knowledge that our experts possess makes us an ideal option for roofing in Charlottesville, VA. Contact us for a roof inspection and project estimate at 434 201 3161!

Roofing Charlottesville VA
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